Its my last day of being a Teenager! I always say that age is just a state of mind, and that it didn’t matter massively, but no longer being a teenager as of tomorrow is really a strange feeling. All my life I’ve always tried to be older. I’ve been chasing a dream that i thought was only attainable as an adult. I wanted to grow up so fast but i forgot about the present, now I’m here, turning 20 tomorrow. Sooner or later I’m 50 and before you know it I’ve got tubes running down my veins, it’s inevitable. One thing is for sure, Always live for the present, don’t rush things, theres so much more to life than we have already seen. As of now, Ill just focus on things that make me happy.

Theres just something about those New York City lights.. But they shine extra bright on days like today. Take advantage of this troubled time and appreciate people around you. The family members, your neighbors or workmates. Just take the time to share a smile with someone who may need one, there are bigger problems in the world. Whatever it is, just stay positive and live every day to the fullest, despite fallbacks and aggravations.

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen. #NativityOfTheBlessedVirginMary #Catholic

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen. #NativityOfTheBlessedVirginMary #Catholic

That moment when you decide to take the train and then suddenly your like Nah I’m good, Ill just take a cab 😂 #Manila #Philippines #MRT #PinoyVine

justcallmebill: Ang galing kuya! Ang galing mo! Hehehe I'm a fan! :))))


iamadreamersay: Hi I saw u on tv, d makapaniwala, dito lang kta nakita, looking great chef;)

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been there.

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Jwu. Goodmorning!

What exercise? Lol

I drink this infused water everyday.
1.Alfalfa for detoxification.
2.Lemon for digestion, vitamin C and immune defense.
3.Cucumber for water weight management.
4.Kiwi for blood sugar regulation and cardiovascular health.
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Are you Claustrophobic? xD

Make damn sure what you’re waiting for, is worth the fucking wait.